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What is the Behavior Gap?

Let’s face it. Investing your hard earned dollars is emotional. This sometimes makes us act irrationally. This doesn’t mean we aren’t smart but financial decision making is heavily impacted by human psychology. We are wired to avoid pain and seek pleasure.


CyberSecurity - Tips to Prevent Fraud

Cybercrime and fraud are serious threats and constant vigilance is key. Cyber criminals exploit our increasing reliance on technology. Methods used to compromise a victim’s identity or login credentials – such as malware, phishing, and social engineering – are increasingly sophisticated and difficult to spot. A fraudster’s goal is to obtain information to access to your account and assets or sell your information for this purpose.


Gold Making Headlines Again

Gold is beginning to make headlines once again. Since the start of 2016, gold is one of the best performing asset classes in the investing world. Investors are beginning to take notice and are contemplating whether the worst is over for the precious metals.


Risk Reduction in a Bear Market can Drive Positive Long-Term Results

TIMGT.COM VOL 3. VOL 3. Risk Reduction in a Bear Market Can DrivePositive Long-Term Results Many stock market studies show that “timing the market” doesn’t really work. An often misunderstood concept, market timing is defined by the mutual fund industry and financial media as the process of attempting to perfectly time your buying (at market


Why is the average investor's investment return so low?

TIMGT.COM VOL 2. VOL 2. Why is the average Investor’sinvestment return so low? It has been known for some time now that individual investors do not typically fare well in their efforts at do-it-yourself investing. This idea has been tested and validated by a number of studies. According to the most recent data on investor


When Will You Begin Taking Social Security Benefits?

For those wondering when to take social security retirement benefits, having the funds sooner rather than later sounds nice, but does it really work to your benefit? We have the tools and resources in place to help our clients make this very important decision. Most people don’t understand how much their social security is really


Can You Have the Retirement You Want?

Have you ever wondered exactly when you’ll be able to retire? The answer to that question is no different than the answer to many questions in personal finance – it depends. Although nothing is guaranteed, we have a process in place to position our clients to have the best probability of success in retirement. Read


Did you know: 401K turbulence, what does it mean?

TIMGT.COM VOL 1. VOL 1. 401k Turbulence What does it mean? Investors are questioning why the market has been trading wildly since the start of the year. Read this report to get insight on how volatility affects your portfolio What does volatility mean to you as a stock market investor? How can you protect your


Would You Like To Be The Beneficiary Of Your Own Life Insurance Policy While You Are Living?

One of the disadvantages of traditional life insurance is the lack of living benefits available for the insured or policy owner. You pay premiums almost your entire adult life primarily to secure your family after your death, pay off debts like a mortgage or to leave a legacy. Unfortunately, there is no real benefit to


Retirement Health Reimbursement Arrangement (RHRA)

Medical expenses keep inflating and most people don’t realize that there are additional medical expenses above what Medicare covers that you will need to be responsible for in retirement. Fidelity Investments did a recent study showing these costs to be on average around 240k for a 65 year old couple. And this doesn’t include Long


Roth 401(k) Contributions vs. Traditional 401(k) Contributions

We have been getting a lot of questions lately asking if it is better to make Roth contributions or Traditional contributions. Since this is more of a tax question than an investment question we always recommend talking this over with your tax preparer. Uncle Sam is going to force us to pay taxes either way,


Benefits of Contributing to your 401(k)

Should I max out my personal 401k contributions? We are asked this question often. Here is our question: How many times would you give me seven bucks in return for ten? That’s about the average benefit you get in tax breaks – a senior left-seat driver will get more. The 401k contributions are before-tax dollars,


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